Yellow Spider Media Founder Joins One Million Mentors

Shaping the Future of Business

John Storton, Founder and Managing Director of Yellow Spider Media has signed up to One million Mentors, to help young people find their purpose in life. One Million Mentors’ aim is to ensure that every young person in the country has access to a trained mentor as they transition into adulthood. They believe that facilitating and investing in mentors will help to address the skills gap agenda and improve social cohesion.

Digital Marketing Training

John’s mentee is an apprentice at Tangerine’s Juice Academy and will spend at least one hour every month discussing digital marketing skills, best practices, and all things related to furthering a career.

These days there are so many digital marketing careers; social media manager, videographer, graphic designer, content creator, blog writing, SEO, web developer, so it is important that young people get a chance to experience a range of skills.

John said about the experience,

“We’ve had a number of apprentices at Yellow Spider Media and understand the importance of giving young people a chance to experience a range of skills in the workplace. One Million Mentors is another opportunity to share my experience with someone who, at the moment, has a very varied role, and wants to use this time to figure out which area of digital marketing is right for them”